State Staff:

Jennie Morrocco, Co LSC 

Tyler Clendenin, Co LSC

Kathryn Shields, Director Of Programming 

Emily Sundstrom, Co-Dir. Of Operations

Matteo Collett, Co-Dir. Of Operations

Andrew Shields, Dir. Of Facilitators

Logan Kelly, Program Project Manager

Elise Cowgill, CLeW Director

Zachary Morris, Dir. Of Finance

Amber Kelley, Co-Dir. Of Recruitment

Katie Padden, Co-Dir. Of Recruitment

Bobby Pigg, Dir. Of Information Technology

Kyle Powers, Junior State Staff

Chase Riggs, Junior State Staff

Bruce Swiney, HOBY Doctor


Jeff May, Senior Facilitator (A)

Zachary Alkire, Senior Facilitator (B)

Jason Christenberry, Senior Facilitator (C)

Mia Antinone, Senior Facilitator (D)

Amanda Bennett, Senior Facilitator (E)

Mindy Robinson, Senior Facilitator (F)

Brett Settles, Senior Facilitator (G)

Megan Prater, Senior Facilitator (H)

Anthony Antinone, Senior Facilitator (I)

Katie Padden, Senior Facilitator (J)

Amber Kelley, Senior Facilitator (K)

Melyssa Duckworth, Senior Facilitator (L)

Daniel Parlock, Senior Facilitator (M)

Micha Jackson, Senior Facilitator (N)

Junior Staff:

Madison Suszek, Junior Facilitator (A)

Caroline Fulks, Junior Facilitator (A)

Caomi Fitz, Junior Facilitator (B)

Carlie Ervine, Junior Facilitator (C)

Emily Swann, Junior Facilitator (C)

Trevor Darago, Junior Facilitator (D)

Alaina McNab, Junior Facilitator (E)

Riley Tucker, Junior Facilitator (E)

Gia Antinone, Junior Facilitator (F)

Hannah Hoskins, Junior Facilitator (G)

Raeanne Beckner, Junior Facilitator (H)

Ozan Ozbecker, Junior Facilitator (I)

Elizabeth Sexton, Junior Facilitator (I)

Austin Grant, Junior Facilitator (J)

Mary Erwin, Junior Facilitator (J)

Kyatt Bailey, Junior Facilitator (K)

Maya Dalton, Junior Facilitator (K)

Alexander Tucker, Junior Facilitator (L)

Amelia Jones, Junior Facilitator (L)

Ally Wharton, Junior Facilitator (M)

Jillian Childers, Junior Facilitator (N)

Operations Staff:

Nazar Abbas

Kara Topping

Chloe McKinney

Lila Morgan

Payton Mick

Gayle Oberacker

Delaney Gump

Juliet Brown

Cade Miller

Caleb Spry

Alden Smith

Faith Monroe

Chesney Warden

Hannah Povroznik

Hattie Sergent

Jaycie Johnson

Juliet Wanosky

Laken Kincaid

Amie Robinson

Jillian Mitchell

Olivia Dowler

Dallas Jarrett

Audrie Helmondollar


At HOBY, We believe the most valuable resource communities can invest in is their youth. We provide students with an amazing opportunity to learn how to lead and make a difference in the world. We teach young leaders "how to think, not what to think" - creatively, critically, and compassionately.




117 State Route 34

PMB 7012

Hurricane, WV 25526

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