• Who Attends

    • Each year, 10,000+ high school sophomores from more than 2,000 high schools throughout the United States discover and develop their leadership skills and ways to use them to serve their communities and schools at one of 70 HOBY State Leadership Seminars. The majority of participants have been selected through their school or community selection process. That process can vary: Some students may have had to enter an essay contest or give a presentation, while others have been selected by a guidance counselor who saw something unique in that student. Regardless of the route a student takes, someone saw something special in that young person—something they thought HOBY would help grow and nurture.​

  • What People are Saying​

    • “The HOBY experience has been nothing but OUTSTANDING! Both of our sons attended South Florida HOBY and WLC, Nicholas in 2015 and Noah in 2018. From the moment we sent Nick to HOBY we had no idea what to expect, but as a family we were going through a tough time with him and honestly, we needed help. Never could I have imagined as a parent that this one program would change my son’s life and open his eyes to his true potential. ”
      - Mary Medina, HOBY Parent​

  • What To Expect​

    • Develop their leadership skills from an individual, group, and community perspective 
      Experience dynamic speakers from around the U.S. and their local communities 
      Participate with peers from diverse multicultural and socioeconomic background 
      Spend a weekend living on a university campus for the first time 
      Identify their personal values and set goals 
      Participate in community service projects 
      Build a network of other students, volunteers, and leaders outside of their school and local community 
      Discover how they can make a positive impact on their school and local community​

  • What's Next​

    • HOBY Youth Leadership programs serve the unique need of focusing youth energies on positive activities, leading to increased self-efficacy, discovering leadership abilities and the development of new skills. Young people need opportunities to learn about and practice leadership in meaningful ways and starting with individual, group and community leadership development helps launch a student into HOBY’s Pathway to Leadership. A wide array of opportunities are offered that include not only high school students but college students and professional alumni (post-graduation) all over the world. At HOBY, you become part of something bigger.​