Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW)


Do you want to bring HOBY to your community?

The Community Leadership Workshop (CLEW) is HOBY’s introductory one-day leadership program for high school freshmen. A typical CLeW is six to ten hours long, with 50-100 freshmen participants, and focuses on leadership as a discipline to be explored and learned.

HOBY CLeW students interact with local community leaders, participate in group activities, and conduct community service projects. CLeWs are organized, developed, and implemented by local business leaders, civic groups, volunteers, and HOBY alumni.  There are no fees associated with attending a CLeW.  If interested in planning a local CLeW, please contact your State CLeW Director.  Elise Cowgill -


CLeW - Getting Ready

Once you are registered to attend a CLeW, get ready for an amazing adventure!  You will join other freshmen from your community to engage in activities and panel discussion focusing on Education, Volunteerism, Entrepreneurship, Media and the Future of the United States.


When and where will the programs be held?

The Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW) is a one-day program that can take place at any time during the year. High schools are invited directly by the planning committees to select freshmen students to attend. The number of schools and students invited to participate in a given CLeW is determined by the committee. Contact your local committee for dates and locations.


What is the cost to attend and how do I register?

Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from all HOBY events.

There is no fee to attend a Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW). If you are currently a high school freshman, ask your school counselor or principal if your school has been invited to participate in a CLeW taking place in your local community this year.



What should I expect when I get there?

You can expect:

  • To be exposed to important ideas, including opinions that may differ from your own

  • To interact one-on-one with decision-makers in education, government, business and other professions

  • To jump in and discover more about issues impacting you and your community

  • To be challenged to be a person who succeeds in making a difference to improve your community

  • To be challenged to commit to 100 hours of volunteer service in the next year to help make your community stronger, any way you believe you can

  • To make new friends who are also committed to making a positive difference in this world

  • To get less sleep than you’d like

  • And to have more fun than you ever expected!

Also, you should NOT expect to be told what to think or to coast, cruise, or let others do the work. From the moment you attend a HOBY program, you will be treated like a leader and encouraged to think critically about a wide range of issues that impact your life and the world.



What if I am registered and then unable to attend?

If circumstances arise that prevent you from attending the CLeW, please let your school counselor know so that they may be able to send a student in your place.



What happens after I am registered?

Once you have been registered for a HOBY CLeW, you will receive more detailed information about what to bring and what to expect. The planning committee will send this information to you approximately 6 weeks before the event – the information may come via US mail or via e-mail, so be sure to watch for it. Make sure to mark the program dates on your calendar and get ready for a memorable experience!


CLeW - Success Stories


What parents and ambassadors like you are saying about HOBY CLeWs

"My son had an amazing time at the CleW held this past Saturday.  He came home with so many ideas of projects he wants to work on and groups he wants to volunteer with!  He spoke so highly of the presenters and the other students in his group.  What a great experience.  We can’t wait for him to attend the local seminar when he becomes a sophomore.  I know he will be the first in line at his counselor’s office to sign up!  Thank you HOBY."
-Parent of a HOBY CLeW Ambassador from New York  


"I would like to thank all of the volunteers and panelists for the time and energy you put into make the CLeW I attended such an Outstanding experience.  I am so excited to get to work and work toward my goal of 100 community service hours. I met so many new friends and people who are excited to make a difference in our schools and communities.  We have already started working on a project together!  Thank you HOBY for allowing me to be OUTSTANDING!"
-A HOBY CLeW Ambassador from Kentucky  


"Our daughter has had a difficult freshman year this year.  She is in a very large school and has felt like a fish out of water for much of the year.  The CLeW she attended this past weekend (Saturday) was exactly what she needed to help build her confidence and find friends that are interested in making a difference in the world.  We are so pleased to see her excited about school and staying in contact with new friends.  We never would have thought this one day event could have made such a difference.  Thank you for all you did."
-Parents of a HOBY CLeW Ambassador from Pennsylvania

Questions About Community Leadership Workshops Contact Elise Cowgill