2020 Seminar: May 21-24
Hosting Institution: Davis & Elkins College
2020 Seminar Staff Applications will be available early 2020
WV Leadership Seminar

At HOBY, We believe the most valuable resource communities can invest in is their youth. We provide students with an amazing opportunity to learn how to lead and make a difference in the world. We teach young leaders "how to think, not what to think" - creatively, critically, and compassionately.

About HOBY

HOBY's vision is to motivate and empower individuals to make a positive difference within our global society, through understanding and action, based on effective and compassionate leadership.



West Virginia HOBY Alumni return year after year to aid in preparing and holding each Leadership Seminar. If you are an alumni, click the link below to find out information on alumni activities, seminar planning meetings, and how to apply to be a member of our 2017 Leadership Seminar Staff!


"When it finally came time for me to introduce Leon, I looked at the nearly two hundred other ambassadors, and I realized something: what they all had in common. The people I knew before and the ones I’d just met alike, they were all powerful, all passionate, and all capable of influencing change. And I was blessed to be included among them. The West Virginia HOBY seminar was the first chapter in my HOBY story and my first step to causing change. Without West Virginia HOBY I’d never be who I am today.

So what does HOBY mean to me? It’s my family. It’s my voice. It’s my home. It’s my safe haven. It’s my friend. HOBY is my opportunity to change the world, and for that I am forever grateful. I am Shade White, and I live HOBY."


Shade White, 2015 Shady Spring High Ambassador

2019 Ambassadors